Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm back. Again.

I have been contemplating returning to my blog for a couple of weeks. I'm not completely sure why I have been avoiding it. I enjoy journaling, and I certainly enjoy reading other blogs. They inspire me, give me hope and help me press on.

I think a part of me has been a little uneasy about putting myself out deepest darkest...for the entire universe to see. I realize I have one follower. Thanks @Halving Hadley, by the way. But there is the possibility that someday, with a little luck and maybe some pixie dust, I could have two followers. :) And I don't know, it's just a little scary to be vulnerable in this way.

I need to get over that though, because this is helpful to me. And I have been working very hard. I got a Bodybugg for Christmas as a gift and it's made a huge difference. Just being able to see how many calories I am actually burning is incredibly empowering. I can clearly see the calorie deficit and KNOW I am making an impact. I am faithfully logging my calorie intake. I am trying to eat as clean as possible. Thank you, Super Target for all the great deals on produce lately. I keep a big water bottle at my desk to drink during the day. I've managed to cut out all the diet sodas and limit myself to just one daily. Did I mention I am drinking A LOT of water? I started doing a Leslie Sansone walk at home workout in the mornings and then elliptical after work for 20 mins for a total of 40 minutes daily. I am actually looking forward to my next weigh-in!

I am focusing on a 10% loss of my body weight. That is 30 lbs, which now that I see it in black and white, feels like too much. Let's pare that down to 15 lbs. Better. I'm also not going to commit to posting daily at this point. I want to post every couple of days for now. I can't believe it has been since October that I last posted. It doesn't feel like that long.

Oh, I almost forgot. I have completely avoided The Candy Jar. Score!

Today I'm thankful....
....that I am working from home tomorrow. Hello, pj's all day!!